Our aim is to simply take away the hassles associated with IT disposal and provide our customers with a
complete peace of mind solution for the management and retirement of redundant IT equipment

On Site Data Destruction

Our mobile data destruction tool kit can be delivered to any business and a Digital Growth technician can wipe the Hard disk drives for you. Our software allows us to wipe multiple computers simultaneously on-site at any one time. Wiping drives using CESG approved software offers the Hard disk drives another lease of life, which would otherwise be physically destroyed. By giving the Hard disk drive a new life we are able to introduce the equipment to our reuse program. Our on site physical destruction service involves the shredding of all types of storage devices from

  • Hard Discs Drives
  • Tape drives/ CCTV and video tapes
  • External Memory storage devices
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Floppy disks/ Zip disks
  • Memory cards
  • DAT tape/DLT cartridges
  • Back-up tapes and disks
  • PDAs and mobile phones
  • Portable storage devices (memory sticks/pen drives/flash media, external hard drives)
  • ID badges, electronic tokens, PIN readers

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