Our aim is to simply take away the hassles associated with IT disposal and provide our customers with a
complete peace of mind solution for the management and retirement of redundant IT equipment

About Us

Information technology has become a driving force for change in the modern world. Unfortunately this technology is not evenly spread between developed and developing communities. We at digital growth are committed to bridging this gap by providing the developing world with cheaper access to information technology so that they too can reap the benefits.

Digital growth welcomes all donations of IT equipment big or small, from private and public organisations to an individual wanting to make a difference. And making a difference has never been easier with our free IT disposal service, saving you money at every step.

Our free IT recycling service covers the entire UK mainland. All equipment is collected in accordance with the European WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directives. This Directive became law in the UK on the 16th of July 2005 and requires recycling of electronic equipment at its end-of-life.

Once your IT equipment has been collected, our computer recycling experts remove all data held on storage devices with CESG approved software.

Equipment is then refurbished and made ready for its second life; our distribution teams then provide them at low cost to individuals, schools as well as charities and small community organisations in the UK and around the world.

The provision of information technology to small communities in the developing world and the UK has a positively high impact by opening up new educational and economic opportunities in schools and local regions as well as fostering a spirit of self reliance. By utilising computers that would otherwise be thrown away, we can give thousands of people affordable access to IT and improve their lives at the same time.
By letting us take care of your computer disposal needs we can significantly reduce your IT disposal and storage costs as we remove, data wipe and store or dispose of all IT equipment for FREE.